How to use Hair soap and Conditioning Triple Butter Soap

When you first begin, your hair or scalp may feel oily or dry or even switch between the two extremes. You may have increased tangles or frizz and the hair shafts may feel weird or waxy. This is because your hair, which has been addicted to chemical-laden shampoo, is literally starting to freak out, going through a withdrawal process, and learning to live a chemical-free life. It’s not easy!

It will go away! It may take some patience, but if you can persevere, your reward will be healthy, soft, and silky hair.


Change Your Shampoo Technique: The “weird hair” feeling happens most often when the soap residue does not completely rinse out of your hair. Be sure to work up a good lather and rinse, rinse, rinse. You might find it helpful, especially in the beginning, not to rub the bar directly on your hair. Try using a puff or a sponge to create foam, and only use the foam to wash.

Conditioning Soap

This is VERY important! Several people have mentioned that their hair feels greasy after using conditioner soap bars.

If so, then they are using way too much!

How to use

These are butter-based conditioner soap bars that should last months. They are designed to condition and moisturize at the same time. After washing and rinsing your hair with a soap bar, rub conditioner bar between your hands to get a light layer on both hands.

You need only put a little onto your hands and start to work into the ends of your hair. Then continue by massaging through the rest of your hair. This will keep most of the oils at the ends of your hair where it is needed but will also condition the rest of your hair.

As you spread into your hair, take care to avoid hair around your face until last (because that hair usually becomes oily first).

Always use warm to hot water to rinse your hair. This will make sure it spreads throughout your hair with the hot water ensuring it is spread evenly.

Towel dry, brush, and you are ready to go!

Hair Soap Products

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