Charcoal Dog Soap-on-a-Rope

Charcoal dog soap on a rope is a soap made especially for dogs, with activated charcoal. It has a rope attached for easy use during baths. The soap is gentle on dogs’ skin and helps to cleanse their coat by removing impurities and excess oils. To use, wet your dog’s coat, lather the soap, massage it in, and rinse thoroughly. The soap on a rope design makes it convenient and prevents it from getting lost. Keep your dog’s coat clean and healthy with this charcoal soap.


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Charcoal dog soap on a rope is a soap specifically designed for dogs, featuring activated charcoal as its key ingredient. It comes with a convenient rope attached, making it easy to hang and use during bath time.

This soap is formulated to be gentle on a dog’s skin while thoroughly cleansing their coat. Activated charcoal helps to remove impurities, dirt, and excess oils, leaving your furry friend’s coat clean and fresh.

To use the soap, wet your dog’s coat and lather the soap on their fur, avoiding contact with their eyes and ears. Gently massage the lather into their coat, then rinse thoroughly.

The soap on a rope design ensures that you won’t accidentally drop or lose the soap during bath time, making it a practical choice for bathing your dog. Enjoy the benefits of activated charcoal while keeping your dog’s coat clean and healthy.


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