Handbag Gift Set – Red

Discover pure indulgence with our charming gift set: a chic handbag adorned with a scarf bow. Inside, luxuriate in a beautifully fragranced bath bomb and a handmade hand soap, both crafted to elevate your self-care routine with elegance and tranquility.


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Presenting your charming gift set: nestled within a petite handbag adorned with a graceful scarf bow, awaits an indulgent escape. As you open the dainty bag, you’re greeted by the enchanting fragrance of a beautifully crafted bath bomb, promising a luxurious soak infused with tranquility. Accompanying this is a small, artisanal hand soap, lovingly handmade to perfection, its gentle lather infused with the essence of fresh botanicals. Together, they create a sanctuary of relaxation, a momentary retreat into serenity, wrapped in the elegance of thoughtful indulgence.


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