Inspired by… Soap Slice – Fierce

Fiece inspired by Christian Dior Sauvage is a bold and masculine fragrance. It opens with fresh and energetic bergamot, followed by spicy notes of pepper and lavender. The unique blend of star anise and nutmeg adds an intriguing touch. The base notes of patchouli and cedarwood provide depth and sensuality. Embrace your adventurous side with this magnetic scent.


Additional information


This luxurious soap is meticulously crafted to embody the essence of beloved perfumes and aftershaves. Each bar is a work of art, designed to awaken the senses and offer a cleansing experience that leaves a lingering fragrance on the skin.

The soap is carefully formulated with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a gentle and moisturizing cleanse. It lathers beautifully, creating a rich foam that envelops the body and envelops the senses with captivating aromas.

Drawing inspiration from renowned perfumes and aftershaves, these soaps offer a diverse range of scents, capturing the essence of floral bouquets, fresh citrus notes, woody undertones, or any other characteristic that makes the original fragrance so beloved.

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