Lavender Dog Soap-on-a-Rope

Lavender dog soap on a rope is a soap made for dogs with a relaxing lavender scent. It has a rope attached for easy use during baths. The soap is gentle on dogs’ skin, removes dirt and odours, and leaves them smelling fresh. To use, wet your dog’s coat, lather the soap, massage it in, and rinse. The soap on a rope design makes it convenient and prevents it from getting lost. Keep your dog clean and calm with this convenient lavender soap.


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Lavender dog soap on a rope is a soap specially formulated for dogs, with the soothing scent of lavender. It features a built-in rope that makes it easy to hang and use during bath time.

This soap is designed to be gentle on a dog’s sensitive skin while providing a thorough cleaning. It effectively removes dirt, odors, and excess oils from your furry friend’s coat, leaving them smelling fresh with a calming lavender scent.

To use the soap, simply wet your dog’s coat and lather the soap onto their fur, avoiding the eyes and ears. Massage the lather into their coat and rinse it off thoroughly.

The soap on a rope design ensures that you won’t accidentally drop or lose the soap while bathing your dog, making it a convenient and practical choice. Enjoy the convenience and soothing aroma of lavender while keeping your dog clean and relaxed during bath time.


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