Mens Travel Bag

Men’s Travel Bag Gift Set – Everything He Needs on the Go!

Perfect for hand luggage or an overnight stay, with no liquids included!

Get this all-in-one travel set today and make his travels effortless and stylish!


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🎁 **Men’s Travel Bag Gift Set – The Perfect Companion for Any Journey!** 🌍✈️

Everything your favorite man needs for his travels, all in one stylish and convenient bag! Ideal for both hand luggage and overnight stays, this set includes no liquids, making it travel-friendly and hassle-free.

**What’s Inside:**

– 🧽 **Soap Sponge:** £6.00

– 🪒 **Travel Razor:** £10.00

– 🗡️ **5 x Safety Blades:** £3.00

– 🧴 **Shaving Whip:** £5.00

– 🪥 **Bamboo Toothbrush:** £4.00

– 🧼 **Aftershave Inspired Soap:** £5.00

– 👜 **Travel Bag:** £15.00

**Total Individual Price: £48.00**

✨ **Special Price: £38.00!** ✨

Give the gift of convenience and style. Order your Men’s Travel Bag Gift Set today and make every trip a breeze! 🌟


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