Shaving Soap - Hemp, Patchouli & Shea Butter

Our Hemp, Patchouli and Shea Butter Soap is a best seller, Shea Butter, Hemp Oil, Avocado Oil and Jojoba Oil make this soap creamy and moisturising with a soft, bubbly lather.

Real Patchouli Essential Oil gives this bar a heady, earthy aroma.

Perfect for all skin types, even dry.

A Fabulous shaving bar!


Additional information


Shaving soaps offers extra glide, lubrication, and protection to the skin from irritation and razor burn.

How to lather up shaving soap:

Wet the shaving bar with hot water,

Wet the area to be shaved with warm water,

Use a shaving brush in circular motion to produce a great creamy lather,

Grab your safety razor and reap the benefits of your at-home barber quality shave!

Approx 95g

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